About Us

MEGA College was established in the summer of 2012. Its headquarters is located in downtown Montreal, Canada. It also has a branch campus in Brossard, providing language training in Chinese, English, French and Spanish, and simultaneous tutoring for local school-age courses at all levels. Our school has the original intention of providing high-quality teaching to help students progress, and always focuses on the quality of teaching, which is widely loved by students and parents in the society.

Our school’s gold course is the TEFaQ/TCFQ pre-test training course. As the oldest TEFaQ pre-test training institution in Montreal, it focuses on comprehensively improving students’ French ability and standardized test preparation. As of the end of 2021, According to incomplete statistics, our school has helped 626 students successfully obtain TEFAQ/TCFQ and other international standardized French certification exams at B2 and higher levels, successfully clearing language barriers for thousands of local students. The above outstanding results are achieved by the joint efforts of teachers and students of our school. Therefore, among the local students who love to learn French, we don't rely on overwhelming advertising, just rely on word-of-mouth praise.

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